Why Would You Want Me To Write Your Copy?


I'm also an experienced CBT therapist and clinical hypnotherapist

“Words don’t come easy to me,” warbled singer F.R. David (famously, in the 80s). In fact, the lyrics to his chart hit were so complex that it took two people to provide them (Marty Kupersmith and Louis S. Yaguda, if you must know). However, I am most definitely a word man and, thankfully, they do come easy to me.

I love the written word and I love the English language it all its infinite complexity and layered subtlety.

Words contain power, that’s why they’re used in magic. Magic works wonders, it can hold you spellbound, focus your attention, and it’s why a well-written article can enchant all who read it.

Words carry meaning; they tell stories and inspire people. They can entertain, educate and inform. Words can tell your story, or define and sell your brand, generate new ideas, and even help you to grow, develop and expand.

But, words can also be tricky buggers. They can tell lies, cloud opinion and even change meaning over time. Worse still, they can even fall flat, leaving you becalmed without a wind in your sail. Which is why words need to be wrought by capable hands.

They (and, by that, I mean the general, idiomatic ‘they’) say that a picture paints a thousand words. But, just think what you could do with a thousand words. A thousand words could define your business, change an opinion, promote an interest, increase your readership and so much more.

Again, idiomatically speaking, ‘they’ also say that the pen is mightier than the sword. But, that really depends on what result you are after. If you want an interesting feature for your magazine or enticing, Google-friendly copy for your website, even a straight-up factual article for your newsletter, then words are indeed more mighty. But, if you want to be a medieval knight in an historical reenactment, or a Viking warrior, then it’s swords. Definitely swords.

I won’t wield a sword, but I will paint you a picture to order. Only, I’ll paint it with lots and lots of lovely, powerful words. Not necessarily a thousand, I hasten to add, but only as many as you want.

I can turn my hand to any topic and, in my time, have produced copy for companies and publications as diverse as Time Out, The Face, Ministry, The British Video Association, Gala Bingo, Unichem Chemists and more.

I’m also a fully trained and experienced psychotherapist (using cognitive behaviour therapy - CBT - and clinical hypnotherapy to help people). However, please don’t let that cloud your judgement. Although I am very happy to provide copy on mental health and wellbeing, I can turn my hand to a wide range of subjects and write in a dazzling variety of styles. Please feel free to peruse my portfolio above.

Before the written word there was only thought: pure, unbridled thought. And it was the thought that gave rise to the word.

So, just think what words I could write for you.

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Email: info@danielfryer.com