Why Would You Want Me To Write Your Copy?

“Words don’t come easy to me,” warbled FR David (famously, in the 80s). In fact, the lyrics to his chart hit were so complex, that it took two people to provide them (Marty Kupersmith and Louis S Yaguda, if you must know). I, however, am most definitely a word man and, thankfully, they do come […]

The Ultimate Stag Night Kit (2003)

My first commission from Chrysalis Books and a great gift for groom and best man alike, The Ultimate Stag Night Kit was a salubrious celebration of every soon-to-be-married males’ last night of freedom. Not only did it come with a free inflatable sheep, not only is it available on eBay (for AU $35 at the […]

The Gola Years: 1905-2005

In 2004 I was commissioned by both Chrysalis Books and the artist Wayne Hemmingway to write this 128-page tongue-in-cheek celebration of the centenary of that very British of sportswear brands, Gola: a brand that is still popular today. Upon its publication, I was even invited to talk about the book, the brand and football history […]