Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness

Have you ever thought what your first questions would be to a man diagnosed with breast cancer? Have you ever wondered how a husband feels when his wife is diagnosed, or a son when it’s his mother? This article (written with a colleague) explores The male perspective on breast cancer for Pink Ribbon Magazine. Pink […]

Ministry Approved Entertainment

Here be a couple of features I produced for Ministry Magazine. No, not Ministry, the International Journal for Pastors (click here). But, Ministry, the style bible for infamous dance club/brand/powerhouse Ministry of Sound. Ministry let me drink absinthe, and write about it. The fools! Looks like washing-up liquid, tastes like ouzo: Ministry

Fighting Talk

Hoping that there was more to Girl Power (which seriously dates this article) than high kicks and Wonderbras, I interviewed three women (for 19 magazine) who were prepared to go to prison for causes they believed in. Fighting Talk: 19mag

Death on the Ice

Several years ago I was commissioned to write a piece on the horrible practice of seal clubbing (a scandal that still takes place today) for Sugar Magazine (please click on the link below) Death on the Ice: Sugar Magazine

Terminal Velocity

A free ‘what’s on’ entertainment guide to London, Velocity was a live fast, die young publication. It looked good, it read great and it was very well received by the public but, sadly, it did not attract enough advertising to survive. And so, after a few short months and several slick issues, the magazine folded. […]

Buzzing for Gala Bingo

For about four years I was idea generator, feature writer and magazine editor for Gala Buzz, the magazine for members of Gala Bingo. Think Chat meets Take A Break with a slant on this mild form of gambling and you’ve got the general idea. Gala Buzz was designed as both a reward for loyal members […]

Time Out Guides

The only thing better than being a student is graduating from university and being paid to write stuff aimed at students. Not only do you still get to do a lot of stuff they do (go out, get drunk, hang out in cool places) but also, you don’t have to go to classes and you […]

Time Out Magazine

In 1999 I wrote a series of articles for the consumer section of Time Out Magazine. At the time it was called “Sell Out.” I always read Time Out avidly and still do so today. Love the free version that gets handed out at my local tube station. Back then, I got to enjoy many […]

Lakeside Shopping Centre

When you’re a shopping centre, what better vehicle is there for your goods and services than a customer-facing magazine? And, in 2002, who better was there to switch on your Christmas lights than singer and actress Kym Marsh? (Pre-Coronation Street days here, obviously).