Slimming World: Smash the Stress

Slimming World is a UK-based weight loss organisation with an award winning magazine. This article is all about men and the goal-sabotaging correlation between stress, comfort eating and booze and, more importantly, how to handle stress whilst staying true to your healthy eating plans. Five Ways to Blast Through Stress: Smash stress

Content on Demand

Content on Demand is a company of ‘content creators’ specialising in words, videos, infographics, and social media for a wide variety of brands. I wrote a series of online articles at the end of 2014 (many of which are available below), extolling the virtues of a variety of health supplements for a company called Healthspan. […]

Men and Mental Health

This is an online feature I wrote for a website called Mambo. Part of The Terrence Higgins Trust, Mambo is a healthier lifestyle magazine for Africans. This particular article addressed the stigma around mental health issues. Read the article here: Don’t Suffer in Silence