Chuff, Chuff, Chuffed

For two years, I was a very happy newsgatherer, writer and editor for ‘The Express’ – staff magazine for rail franchise First TransPennine Express (FTPE). Liaising directly with FTPE’s communications manager, this was a lovely little title (12 pages) with a great added bonus (hence my happiness): once a quarter I got to travel the […]

Buzzing for Gala Bingo

For about four years I was idea generator, feature writer and magazine editor for Gala Buzz, the magazine for members of Gala Bingo. Think Chat meets Take A Break with a slant on this mild form of gambling and you’ve got the general idea. Gala Buzz was designed as both a reward for loyal members […]

Lakeside Shopping Centre

When you’re a shopping centre, what better vehicle is there for your goods and services than a customer-facing magazine? And, in 2002, who better was there to switch on your Christmas lights than singer and actress Kym Marsh? (Pre-Coronation Street days here, obviously).

Bravo for the BVA!

The British Video Association (BVA) is the trade body that represents the interests of publishers and rights owners of video entertainment (and these days, by video, we now mean DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-ray and web-based services, but try sticking that in an acronym!). Each year they have a glitzy awards show, celebrating the best retailers […]

Selling Phones to Students

Student Mobiles was both a magazine and a marketing platform for Carphone Warehouse and was designed to none-too-subtly (but less in-your-face than direct marketing) sell mobile phones to students. Simples! It was a one-off commission (and my first project for Square One Publishing), with a very high print run and was handed out at Fresher […]

Improving the Nation’s Health

Healthy Times was a free monthly magazine for UniChem Ltd and was distributed free of charge in UniChem chemists up and down the country. Although primarily designed to plug UniChem products on a seasonal basis, its aim (much like any health title) was to also offer healthcare tips and advice. During my time on the […]